Spiritual Healing is quite similar to Reiki. It still involves energetic healing through Universal Life Force Energy which is passed through the healer to the client receiving the treatment. And it still involves deep relaxation & promoting wellbeing.

The Holistic Theory of Healing is that in order to treat, or bring back to balance, an illness or disturbance of the bodily or auric systems, it is necessary to treat the person as a whole, always in addition to traditional orthodox medicine, however, orthodox medicine only treats 'the part showing the pain, or feeling or illness'. This is why they compliment each other. You should never discontinue your regular doctors treatment without first consulting them & it is always best to let your doctor know you are receiving Holistic Treatment, usually so they can monitor your improvement & medication as you get better.

What happens during this type of Spiritual Healing?

A session is accompanied by beautifully serene music in my Healing Room. You stay fully clothed, as the energy is transferred through them (inc. bandages & plaster casts). You lay on top of a comfortable padded massage table with comforting blankets over your body to keep you warm. I then gently scan over your aura, (my hands are usually a few inches or so above your body) to feel where energy is most needed & unruffle (or give your aura a massage) your auric field which allows gentle release of negativity, tangled masses in your aura which may be clouding or causing blockages or injuries to the clients aura.

Once this is done, the healing session takes place, which is very gentle & non intrusive. As with Reiki, it helps with pain management, emotional pain, relaxing & stress reducing, clears blockages which may be creating a sense of general disharmony. Illnesses first appear in the etheric body before it manifests as a physical illness. Spiritual Healing can help to release the disharmony so the illness can leave the physical body & be repaired.

What is "Spiritual Hands-on-Healing"?

Spiritual Healing is very similar to Reiki Hands on Healing. As a Psychic Channel, Spirit (Ascended & Master Healers of the highest realms, Angels, Reiki Masters & Reiki Guides & the clients personal Angels) channel their energy through me & out through my hand chakras to you...the client.

Spirit clearly shows me through my minds eye & via my clairaudient abilities where I need to concentrate the most energy to. It is this way that I can see where blockages are within the body, if you have blocked chakras or if you are holding on to emotional pain.

Sometimes I may see past life issues effecting you in this life time & can clear these karmic ties. I have experienced when a client has had a miscarriage & through such emotional distress the unborn childs spirit has stayed with the mother & needs to move on to the light. As with death comes rebirth. After emotional times such as a divorce, anger, hurt & sadness can block the heart chakra & solar plexus chakra. Spiritual Healing can remove these negative energies & emotions & bring balance back so you can release the past & move on to happier times.

Psychic Surgery

As a healer I am fortunate to be able to see within a clients aura & spiritual energy field. The body can hold emotional & mental energies within these fields causing imbalances, pain, depression & sadness. Psychic Surgery assists in removing emotional masses as well as negative energies from the client. This form of healing is extremely safe & is usually incorporated into a healing. Sometimes this can be done on the first treatment quite successfully. However, at times, I have found that it may shrink or partially remove masses or negative energies & may require a few sessions.

Sessions usually go for any time from 45 minutes to 1 1/2 hours.



First appointment to take a full medical history prior to treatment

$140 AUD for 1/12 hours

- $80 AUD for 45 minutes to 1 hour



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