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53 Psychic Life Tips

53 Psychic Life Tips

Things I’ve learnt throughout my life as a Psychic

There are many things that I have learnt as a psychic throughout my years so this list will be forever evolving and growing. Maybe begin your own list to see how far you have travelled in life and in your spiritual journey.

1. You are never too old to start afresh and begin your journey.

2. The movie ‘The Secret’ changed how I saw life and manifesting what you want.

3. If you hope you’ll get a reading when you go see the ‘famous’ psychics on stage, save your money, because you probably won’t be picked. Book to see them personally or find a good one in your town.

4. Some of my friends were shocked when I told them that I was psychic as I was so good at keeping ‘that’ secret. It was so nice when they didn’t treat me any different.

5. Linking in for readings and the spirit world becomes easier the more you do them.

6. There are many forms of channeling and trance work. At times I’ve voice channelled in a reading, eyes open, but at the end of the reading I can’t remember a word I have said.

7. You can have different guides throughout your life for different purposes. As you grow and develop, so do your guides.

8. I never make promises I can’t keep. I won’t promise that I will contact dear departed ‘Uncle Harry’ because maybe ‘Aunt Mary’ just may turn up instead.

9. Congested places or shopping centres (shhhhh like Ikea) etc. can still drain me at times.

10. I don’t fear the Spirit World now nor do I fear death anymore as I know what to expect.

11. Some Spiritual Lessons can be hard and may leave you wondering ‘why’? You may not see it to start off with, but you’ll find it will always lead you to better things.

12. The first book that Spirit led me to was ‘Opening To Channel’ by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer. I read it in a day and it still gets read often now. Love it.

13. I’m learning to honour my own time and put myself first.

14. Sometimes the message we are given from Spirit, the language or deciphering needs to worded a few times for various clients. I’ve had to bogan it down.

15. Psychics aren’t switched on 100% of the time so never ask when out in public to a psychic ‘are you getting any messages for me’? Usually I joke back saying ‘give me fifty bucks first’ lol. I mean, would you work for nothing or your work when you are out for dinner.

16. My passion in this life is to share the as much positivity around and assist as many people’s growth as possible.

17. People can be assholes and will piss you off. Just let it go.

18. Our pets pass over in the Spirit world and are often around us. I’ve been in many public places and seen dogs and cats scurrying around.

19. I love the energy of a good psychic fair. I always seem to vibrate higher during them. My intuition usually tells me before arriving to them if they will be good or which allows me to prepare before I arrive.

20. It’s ok to be paid and be paid well as a Psychic and a Healer. It’s an energy exchange. No different to any other employable job.

21. I don’t take sh#t from other people any longer. And, I won’t allow myself to be mistreated at ALL!

22. No, Spirits don’t watch us having sex or whilst sitting on the loo. They see us as energy, because that’s what we all

23. As a ‘sensitive’ empath, I feel others energy and feelings in my body...alot. I can sometimes feel a client days before they come for a reading. A psychic friend of mine said once ‘tell Spirit that you don’t want to feel it, get them to tell you instead’. So I did, and they said ‘we need you to feel as you understand better that way to tell a client’. It does get uncomfortable at times still. Ouch.

24. I don’t keep that I’m a psychic secret anymore. Why should I, I’m so damned proud of the work I do. And if others don’t like it....they can f#ck off!

25. I find it sad that there are ‘cliques’ within the Spiritual Community. And....there are just as many with ego’s and bitchiness as there were when I was hairdressing. Bugga.

26. Catalysts such as accidents, illnesses, having a tough time in life etc. can suddenly grow your intuition and psychic abilities.

27. Do what you love and the money will follow. If it doesn’t...what a beautiful life you’ll lead anyway.

28. All psychics have ‘off’ days. Just like hairdressers can’t be amazing every second of every day.

29. I would learn to love myself earlier than I did.

30. My first impressions of people and places are never wrong. Part of being ‘clairsentinent’.

31. My children are more psychic than I am but have shut it down.

32. There are differences between being a medium and a psychic. Not all psychics see dead people.

33. Just because someone has passed over doesn’t mean they will come through immediately in a reading.

34. Only concentrating on opening the third eye for psychic abilities is wrong.

35. The older I get, the more I avoid drama and the people that cause it.

36. The older I get, the more relaxed I am about myself and who I am.

37. A borrower nor a lender be. That’s with ‘stuff’ and my time.

38. It’s ok to say the word ‘f#ck’ occasionally.

39. Ghost Hunts etc. do make me giggle. The Spirits usually don’t like being interrupted and hide. I mean, if you had 20 people marching into your lounge room every Saturday night, you’d hide or go out too. Many so called ‘haunted’ houses, the spirits have long gone as some medium has assisted them to pass over to the light. Usually you’ll just be seeing or feeling residual energy within the environment. Wood holds a lot of energy.

40. Grief can make it hard for Spirits to come through for mediums. And, in my case, grief can hinder my abilities for a time too.

41. I don’t like reading newspapers or watch the news on TV. I find that I’m way too sensitive. Some movies affect me too. I just don’t like the negativity or the energy.

42. Psychics who say there are no such thing as earth bound spirits obviously haven’t met one yet. Usually, the spirit is quite unaware that they have deceased. In my case once, the spirit didn’t particularly like knowing that she was dead and it took me 3 months to assist her in passing over to the light.

43. I prefer going for a walk in the park with my fur baby Dexta rather than going alone. She is my family and brings such light to my days with her antics.

44. I talk to Spirit when I go for my walks, they are so clear when I am in nature. It’s almost like a walking meditation and I get heaps of downloads whilst I walk.

45. I’m not a walking encyclopaedia just because I’m psychic. You don’t have to be ‘top of the class’ to do psychic work. I love not knowing things at time. But I do know a lot lol.

46. I always do my rituals at the beginning and at the end of my readings.

47. Journaling your spiritual growth or your spirit communications assists in seeing how much you are growing in your intuition and can assist in building it too.

48. I love guided meditations. Even when I’m giving them in a class. I feel like I have taken part as I’m more relaxed.

49. Meditation helps in developing your intuition. It assists by getting you out of the way of yourself and raising your vibration.

50. Some ‘New Age’ people make me laugh with some of the terminology/words they use I’m think they may be trying too hard. They should just be ‘them’.

51. Seeing Spirits is not like ‘Hollywood’ movies eg. The Sixth Sense. I’ve never seen dead people (spirits) like the little boy in that movie. It definitely is not like horror movies either.

52. As your spiritual growth increases, as you become more of a positive person, some friendships can drop away as you will stop being aligned to them.

53. I don’t believe in possession. I believe in personality disorders, negativity, chemical imbalances in the brain and mental disorders.