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50 Ways to raise your Vibration Fast

50 Ways to raise your Vibration Fast

What do you mean when we talk about your 'Vibration'?

Everything in the universe is made up of energy vibrating at different frequencies/speeds. So the walls vibrate, the floors vibrate, grass vibrates, Spirit vibrates, they just all vibrate at different frequencies. This includes you."

Every thought, every word you say is a vibration. Our ‘being’ is made up of different energy levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual and each of these has a vibrational frequency. They can vary in high and low frequencies. If your vibration is low you will invariably feel it. The same when you are feeling magnificent, you’ll vibrate faster/higher.

Many things can lower our vibrations e.g. negativity, alcohol, drugs, stress, lack of sleep, illness just to name a few. Every been around situations or some people and they drain the crap out of you?

So how do we raise our vibration?

It’s quite easy and the simplest of activities can do it! Read on to learn how you can start raising the roof with your energy and become more abundance in your life, so you too can be perceived as the "lucky one"!

  1. Have a dance party for one

  2. Eat more vegetables, raw The more organic the better.

  3. Laugh...alot.

  4. Meditate:

  5. Kick off your shoes and stand on some green grass.

  6. Get your ‘Om’ on. Chant your way through your chakras.

  7. Say NO without guilt.

  8. Have a technology detox

  9. Get creative with some art.

  10. Breathe deeply.

  11. Read an inspiring book.

  12. Say Affirmations Read about it here.

  13. Head to the ocean and let sea air and sand do their thing.

  14. Write down ten things you are grateful for.

  15. Get yourself hugged or better still, hug someone.

  16. Take an epsom salt bath.

  17. Look around and notice something beautiful.

  18. De-clutter your work and living space.

  19. Listen to music you love.

  20. Spend time with positive people who raise you up.

  21. Practice Ho’oponopono. The act of forgiveness.

  22. Read inspiring quotes.

  23. Find something beautiful and appreciate it.

  24. Be conscious of the food you eat.

  25. Smile.

  26. Drink more pure water.

  27. Practice acts of kindness.

  28. Send love to 5 people in your life .

  29. Practice Mindfulness

  30. Spend Time in Nature

  31. Be Mindful about the information you ingest

  32. Find something beautiful and appreciate it.

  33. Hug someone.

  34. Practice Hand Mudras.

  35. Buy some fresh flowers.

  36. Be kind to others.

  37. Become conscious of your thoughts.

  38. Repeat affirmations.

  39. Practice self-love.

  40. Move, go for a walk. Exercise

  41. Listen to nature.

  42. Pat a pet.

  43. Claim responsibility for your life.

  44. Tell someone how much you appreciate them.

  45. Use essential Oils.

  46. Take action, don’t procrastinate.

  47. Cut out your drug and alcohol use

  48. Stop watching the news or violent movies for a while.

  49. Avoid gossip negativity and drama.

  50. Give from the heart without expecting anything.

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