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Of course there are such things as 'Earth Bound Spirits', and, they are not to be confused with residual energy with an abode/house/building etc. This post has been half channeled to me by my own guides so that I could give a complete account from Spirit about the after life. I so appreciate their assistance with my work. Even a long term psychic medium like myself has to consult her spirit team (guides) to ensure that the correct information is written down.

Earth Bound Spirits are not left behind nor not 'allowed' into heavens gate (the after world), that is our home, and, it is a natural state for us to return there imediately. Some spirits are 'pass over' so quickly that they do not comprehend they actually are deceased, as in accidents etc. Yes, they have a spirit team that come to assist them in their transition like we all will have, but, some spirits can be adament that they aren't dead or that they aren't leaving yet so will not do as they are told or guided (even in spirit we have free will).

Sometimes these spirits who don't pass over may at first comprehend that something doesn't 'feel' quite right and that their 'life' is different. Yet, they just can't put their spiritual finger on it to know whats exactly different. They go about their daily spiritual life thinking they are still living and may be quite happy for a time doing that. Higher spirits always keep an eye on them to ensure when it's time to move on, they will. Some come easily and others begrudgingly. Some make a choice to stay and look over their family until the family either transition themselves or they feel their family has either recovered enough from their grief or are seen to be growing through life ok so don't need to be watched over any longer and may feel they are no longer needed around.

Some are so unaware they are even dead such as the spirit named 'Karen' who didn't know she had died in a car accident. This was a spirit I began communicating to in my early days as a medium and I spoke to her in my hairdressing salon which was near very busy main roads. Originally Karen was happy that I was chatting with her as she didn't know why other 'humans' couldn't hear her. However, as I began to probe about her life and what was the most recent thing she remembered, which was her car accident, was when her tone in our conversation changed as she realised she wasn't sitting in my hairdressing salon chatting, she was in fact deceased and she wasn't happy about it either. It was both the shock knowing she had passed over and hadn't transitioned further and she was also angry about that fact, however, she'd forgotten that she had been assisted when she died but had declined or ignored her 'Spirit Team' at that stage.

I was a young inexperienced medium back then so had to research and find out how to get her to transition (there was no internet back then and I had to read books and find a mentor very fast to assist - which I did). I did remarkably well my guides are saying, considering it all as I was quite frightened. It took me around 3 months before she finally decided to leave and go into the light. My guides are adding in here 'a thank you for assisting her' to me. They had arranged for a team of angels and guides to be on hand until she looked for them and acknowledged them. They were kind and loving and once she saw them she readily went quickly due to the immense love that radiated from their energy. It was the love she felt first before she saw the light. Know that 'Karen' wasn't stuck, she had chosen to stay. But also know that higher guides usually just wait in the wings so to speak, watching, waiting until she was ready. I was merely the catalyst that assisted in 'waking her up'. Isn't that amazing that I could be a part in her moving on. I was quite relieved when it happened also.

Residual energy, as in what people see at 'Ghost Hunts' could be explained like this. Everything is energy and some houses or objects hold that residual energy. It is a playback of an event, a bit like a re-run if a tv show. The apparitions (ghosts) involved are not spirits, they are recordings of a past event. Materials as mentioned can hold or 'record' an event for future playback, similar to how psychics can read jewellry or objects, but rather houses or building so on a larger scale. It has been said that once recorded it cannot be destroyed, however, I believe, on good authority (thank you spirit guides) that the energy can be cleared the same way you do a house clearing.

Whilst I've always known/believed in Earthbound Spirits I recently saw a claim from another psychic that there is 'no such thing'. Hmmmm I thought, I'm not convinced (especially after my early days interlude with 'Karen'.). So I set about channeling my guides to get the low down on it all from a spirits perspective. I thank them so much for giving me constant advise, confirmation and healing in my life.

I've found a few images which I thought were pretty interesting on the web that I thought youall may find interesting with some 'so called spirits' captured on film. Are they real? You be the judge.