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Just when you think that this is it....I need my guides to get me throught his low point in my life, I need you to give me advise... and you say, "hey guys....where are you, I need you.....are you on a holiday or something?' And all you hear are crickets........

I've been throught this myself during various times of a crisis in my life so don't feel alone in this.

When we go through a crisis we are never alone, we are just at a lower vibration ourselves so can't 'tap' into Spirit as well. But they are still there, assisting us even though we may not feel them.

Just as life has its ups and downs, so does our 'spider senses'. At these times we may feel alone, as if Spirit has let us down. We feel alone, disconnected, let down and maybe a wee bit pissed off that Spirit isn't assisting us. You may feel like an abandoned child from Spirit, but keep heart, they are working in the back ground.

You see, they can't interfere if this is something that you have contracted to exerience, but they can make it an easier ride. Know this, they know this experience is building you into a stronger person (I know, you may not know it at the time) but they are. Don't worry,I've yelled at my Spirit friends more than once too saying 'WTF Spirit!!! No more"!!!

Realise this, sometimes we as Spirits having a human experience need down time too, and, if we don't times Spirit will intervene and give us an 'experience'.

Look at me... recently when I went through a time of 'not' listening, I ended up in hospital for 3 weeks & 6 weeks recovery. And, upon me having a very heated discussion from my hospital bed with them, they explained that they had been instructing me to do things for quite a while within my work contract with them but I was off track. My human self had stepped in, thus, illness, 3 weeks hospital, 6 weeks bedrest & it was amazing when I had to slow down how I saw what Spirit was advising me to do. Here I was thinking they had abandoned me when actually they were leading a very stubborn psychic into the right direction.

So in hindsight, sometimes we need to step back from issues/shitty situations, assholes who suck the life out of us, take a deep breathe, say 'fuck it, then go with the flow. Don't force things. In the quiet (especially in meditation) the answers come. I find a walk in nature with my old faithful companion Dexta Dog, can suddenly give me the inspiration I need.

So don;t beat yourself up. Be true to yourself. Don't swallow shitty situations. Love yourself enough to take some down time. Breathe, get your nails done and then when the shit stops hitting the fan life and Spirit will still be there holding that well manicured hand.

Love and light my petals.

Mmmmmmwhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaxx