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Never Alone

When All You Have Left Is Spirit...

My husband often says to me "why don't you go out more, the house must drive you crazy". I always reply "I love being home. I love working from home. I love the energy in the house and I'm never lonely as I'm never truely alone". And I never am lonely. I always have Spirit (or Spirits) by my side to talk to, to comfort me, to confess to and at times to advise me.

My guides have been with me through thick and thin. They listen without judgement. They cry when I cry. They hold me in their energy when I'm at my lowest and build me up when I need encouragement. They don't have to answer when I'm chatting away, yet I know their forever presence is constantly around me. I hope that when other people read this post that they may also begin to feel their own Guides forever presence around them too. I 'd like to think that others may feel comforted by their guides exactly as I do.

Is there a method to always feel close to your Guides? How can I achieve this feeling too? Is it hard to do? The method is....actually, up to now there hasn't really been any real method as I've always felt it for as long as I remember, though I can say, to me it's easy. I 'TRUST'. I trust that Spirit is always there. I trust that I'm never alone. I just know 200% that my Spirit friends are always around me.

I have always said out loud to Spirit at times when my life hasn't run smoothly "I don't know why this is happening, but it must be for a reason or for my higher purpose. I don't understand why but I know you are leading me to something better". I've said this sentence at various times (actually too many times to remember) throughout my life. I'd cry many tears, for many nights saying the same thing over and over again and I trusted completely that better times would come. And it always did.

Today is another one of those days as I sit with tears in my eyes in front of my computer screen. Details don't need to be written here as its very personal. But I sat and I spoke with Spirit saying, "Im' supposed to be writing a new blog, how can I write when my heart is breaking?" They answered with "just begin because what you are experiencing right now, is what others have or are going through" so here I am...writing, and the information is coming as I type. Is it me or is it Spirit? I like to think that we both are joined at the hip so we at times are one and the same. In actual fact I can feel their arms around me supporting me or holding me up, I'm not sure which? I'd like to think both.

My motives for beginning my spiritual work have always been to help others and the reason I began my new blog is because (a) Spirit has directed me to and (b) If I can help just one person anywhere in the world then my work here on earth is done. I have learnt to trust Spirit entirely as there is always a greater reason in their methods and I have learnt now not to question...just to TRUST. I don't particularly like experiencing pain to get to a better place in life but maybe I learn through pain better...I don't like it though. Again...I trust in them.

So how can others learn to never truly feel lonely and to always feel comforted when in pain or in anguish?

My Spirit Guides answer is this for me;

"Close your eyes and begin to feel/sense the energy around you. Not the energy of pain or sadness, dig deeper and feel the energy closest to your body, start to feel the warmth of your human body and with that warmth begin to imagine (if you can't feel) that the energy is pure love. You can give it a colour if you wish" (I always see it as the brightest, purest light I have ever seen). "With your eyes still closed imagine/feel our (Spirits) energetic arms around you. Now sence that energy becoming lighter and brighter and see/feel it expanding outwards. That energy begins to push those vibrations of negative emotions away. Breaking and shattering them until they disolve. Positive energy always wins against negative. The more love you are feeling from us the quicker the negative feelings dissipate."

Hear us say "all is ok, you are loved. You are perfect. No need to cry. We will hold you and lift you up until you are strong enough to hold yourself. Know that we are always close and are there for you before you even ask." Keeping your eyes closed stay with that feeling for as long as you need. I can say, even though I type this now, I did as they instructed first. I feel their warmth always, but to reconnect, to restrengthen that feeling is wonderful.

"Practice this until it becomes easier, then, if anything ever shatters your happiness again the method above will be easier to process. Mind you, you don't need to be sad to feel us around you, try this process every morning, every night or just anytime, it will become second nature and will leave you happier and brighter". I can attest for this now, I feel calmer, my heart rate isn't thumping through my ribcage, my head doesn't feel like it's about to explode and I feel resigned that what will be will be.

I do hope todays post will restore your feelings in Spirit now and forever more as they are always with us. We are never truely alone. I give gratitude for my Guides forever presence in my life.

Blessings to all.

Much love and light,

Jenni xxoo

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