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Trusing Spirit led me to follow my bliss: My Story

Just over thirteen years ago, I trusted Spirits guidance and opened my spiritual business Alchemy Healing and Psychic Sanctuary. I was positive it was where my heart lay (it was my love job) and a little nervous of where exactly my journey would take me. And, here I am finally taking the plunge of using my own name as my business title, after all, I am the conduant that Spirit uses to pass messages and healing to my clients.

What a wonderful journey I have had over the last thirteen years.

Just over a year ago I once again trusted Spirit to begin doing readings at fairs. I remember I saw a post on Facebook for a particular fair & said "ok Guides, if this is what you really want me to do to step out of my comfort zone, if I get in to this fair, I will always follow your guidance". So I contacted the company and was turned down. I can say I was a little disappointed but relieved. Anyway, half an hour later I received a call back from one of the managers who said "I was talking with my associate and we really felt that you would fit in so we made room for you at this weekends fair". So there it was, I was thrown into the deep end and had three days to get myself organised (whilst internally panicking) but never the less thanking Spirit for the opportunity.

So there I was today, I was updating all my paperwork for a large fair this weekend (Body Mind Psychic Expo at Wayville Showgrounds, Adelaide. South Australia) almost finished getting all my gear together with only updates to my webpage. I clicked online and it had disappeared, "No way" I screamed (actually a few choice words came out), gone, after thirteen years of having a free website for my business to just disappear and I had'nt even saved the content ouch!

I took it as a sign once again from Spirit as I had been procrastinating doing a new webpage with a blog as I have been planning on extending my business to blogging, making online courses and a Youtube Channel. Gosh Iv'e grown as I actually dislike having my photo taken to putting myself out there and filming myself.

So come along with me and my journey. I hope to get to know you and you to me as I put myself out there in the universe. Blessings to all.

Light and Love,

Jenni xx

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