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Body Mind Psychic Expo 2017

Last minute preperations are being done right now and that includes this new website of mine. I'd had a few unfortnate spats of illness earlier this year which led me to make a decission to not originally do this years Body Mind Psychic Expo. Little did I know Spirit had other idea's. Only 2 days ago I received an email stating that their had been a cancellation and would I like to take the booth. So I hummed and ha'ed for a few days before I said "what the heck,lets do it".

So here I am, as I usually do, putting myself into the deep end with a short time frame to get organised. Thank goodness for husbands I say. Whilst I do my readings this afternoon and continue my printing pamphlets for the fair my dear old hubby will be trecking down to the showgrounds to set up my gear. Gosh I do love him.

The 2017 BODY MIND & PSYCHIC EXPO will be on May 20th and 21st at the Adelaide Wayville Showgrounds in the Jubilee Pavilion.

This will be the largest Psychic and Wellbeing event in Australia. Since 1995 this event has developed into an amazing exposition attracting the attention of thousands who flock to the Wayville Showground each year from all over Australia and the world. There will be psychic readers using Tarot , Angel cards, Crystals and Crystal balls. I for one will be conducting my Psychic Channelled Readings. There will be Palmistry, Face readings, Aura readings, Tea Leaf readings, Coffee ground readings and more! Astrology and Numerology are also very popular.. .as is Dream Interpretation.

f you would like a psychic reading with me, wI do recommend arriving early as the I get booked up quickly.

There are many free workshops run continuously in two areas within the Jubilee Pavilion and are usually 1/2 and 1 hour each. Other workshops will cover topics such as Dream Power, Rebirthing, Sex & Spirituality, Planetary Magic, Tattooing with Intention, Chakras and Vibrational healing and much much more!

On the main stage you will be entertained by the beautiful belly dancing of Nayima Hassan who has been with us for 15 years, you will be able to watch and listen to Master Khor, our Celebrity Palmist from Singapore, and be intrigued and astounded by the most incredible perfomance by a Native American Indian, Red Horse.

Shop amongst hundreds of exhibitors in a 'Bazaar' style atmosphere, where you can find everything from jewellery, massage and healing oils, magnificent crystals, clothing & socks made from Bamboo to the latest organic makeup and skin care products, soaps and shampoos, unusual crafts, incense, flutes, drums, dreamcatchers and so much more. When you feel like relaxing there are many experienced massage practitioners from Remedial, Chinese and Reiki .. or you may like to try Reflexology or a Crystal Healing.

There are also on offer free meditation classes all weekend as well.

Bring your kids along where they can seriously have a blast in our new massive kids corner. They can get their face painted, have a balloon made into a giant sword or butterfly, pet some amazing animals or hold a giant praying mantis. Kids can also participate in an array of fun activities while mum & dad relax with a coffee.

Tickets are only $12/ $10 concession (14 and under are FREE) OR you can purchase a weekend pass for only $18 to experience both days because there is just so much to do, see and experience.

Don't miss out on this amazing weekend!

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