Do you need some answers to your life? Are you feeling stuck? Would a reading or a Spiritual Life Coaching session assist you to move you forwards to your best life?


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A  Bit About  My  Reading  Style

Being Clairaudient, Clairsentinent, an Empath & a Medium I clearly hear, see & feel my guides. They convey information to me in this way.


When I do readings I do work with a variety of cards, including Angel Cards, only as a basis to linking into my clients energy, I don't read them persay.

The layout I do with my tarot cards gives a basis of past, present & future, however, most times Spirit gives me the circumstances surrounding your life right now and how to move your forward from there. 


Remember..."YOU" have free will & have the power to change/alter your destiny if you wish, this is where readings are wonderful for life assistance. Remember - nothing is cast nor set in stone.


"YOU" are in charge of your life. Readings are done so you can set the wheels in motion of positive change is needed.





These are a few of the area's that my Spirit Guides can assist you with;

  • Relationships

  • Your Personal Health 

  • Career Advice

  • Work/Business

  • Money/Finances


Please understand,  I am a channel and my Guides work through me, I do not perform your reading. My Spirit Guides, and other worldly beings will provide you with the information  that you need and they talk through me. All of the information they give are always for your highest good and wellbeing. It will be honest and direct, this information is given to you because it will help you to enhance your wellbeing, your Spiritual growth, you Life and  also to help you move forward in your life.

Please note: All readings are given for guidance only, as we (as humans) always have free-will & my readings should certainly  not replace professional advice. The guidance is there for you  to think about but it is your responsibility to seek professional advice on any medical, legal, financial or  other matters you may have.


Do you need guidance, lack direction or need assistance in moving forward in your life? Do you lack the time to come for a personal reading appointment? 

I offer my Psychic Channeled readings by email in which I can answer specific questions you have & give guidance & insight.















$80.00 AUD for approx. 1 hour








1 Question Email Psychic Readings
$40.00 AUD








2 Question Email Psychic Readings.
Covers areas of concern and is more in-depth than a 1 question email reading. 
$80.00 AUD






5 Question Email Psychic Readings
Got a lot on your mind or have many questions that you need answered? 
$150.00 AUD









I N S T R U C T I O N S:


After you purchase your email reading:


* Please email me at: OR Text me on: 0457 813 605. 
Please include a screenshot of your receipt of purchase.


* Please send your question(s) and a recent photo of yourself (no one else in image please). 

* Jenni may contact you for further information if deemed necessary.

* You will receive your reading via email within 5 business days of your order date.



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Consultations are always confidential.



My  Spirit  Guides  Can  Assist  You  Many  Ways: