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30 Minute Distance Reiki Session: $40


Distance Reiki is a fantastic option for people who cannot travel or come in for a for a personal session (e.g. people that are ill, in hospital or living in different location). Reiki can be sent anywhere: to a person, animal, situation, time or place.


What are the Benefits of Distance Healing?


Distance Healing can:*Alleviate pain* Provide emotional, mental and spiritual support*Provide calmness to stressful situations*Increase overall sense of well-being*Aid in acceleration of healing process*Strengthen Immune system*Increase energy*Provide clarity for decision making*Aid in cleansing the body.


How do I Schedule a Distance Healing?


Jenni will contact you by email after receiving your booking to confirm all specifics for your healing. I schedule 45 minute appointments as if you are coming to my office.


When you receive distance healing Jenni asks that you put aside a minimum of half an hour to sit quietly and be open to the healing experience.



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