Psychic Development Course - One Night over 8 Weeks


Next Class:
Tuesday 1st February 2021 - 7.30pm to 9pm (can run up to 9.30pm)

Psychic Development Course


Join Jenni and learn from her 38 years of experience with working with the Spirit World. Jenni Greenfield is a Psychic Channel and a Medium who has been in the spiritual community for over 17 years giving readings both in Australia at Psychic Fairs and at her home studio in South Australia, and internationally via the world wide web.


I know that we are all are born Psychic, we all have intuition, we just forgotten that we have this inate ability. We may have outgrown it or been told we were imagining things as children, or fear may have "stopped" our "natural" gift. Having the proper guidance can assist you in rediscovering your awareness.


Let Jenni show you the "how's" of growing your psychic abilities. You'll be working with others on the same journey. You'll learn how to increase and protect your vibrations, and be taught in a safe environment where everyone is equal and are all working towards similar goals. Know that the classes are aimed at individual ‘talents’ as well as group dynamic’s.


Classes are catered to your needs.​


This course covers these subjects:


~ Protecting Your Energy

~ Opening up to the Spirit World

~ Closing Down & Grounding

~ Meditation

~ Auras & Chakras

~ Spirit Guides

~ Dowsing

~ Working with Energy

~ E.S.P

~ Readings & Other methods of Divination

~ Channelling

~ Flower Readings

~ Psychometry

~ Past Life Regression


Full Cost $250


$50 deposit (non-refundable) & a balance to be paid by 20th January 2021


(Can be paid weekly by prior arrangement, must have a PayPal account for this which can be set up.)



Please contact me at for enrolement forms. These classes are run twice a year.


I look forward to assisting you on your unique journey soon,




Jenni Greenfield

Psychic Channel

Spiritual Life Coach

Reiki Master Teacher/Trainer

Spiritual Healer

Advanced Stress Management Coach

Intuitive Business Coach

Psychic Development 8 Week Course 11th September 2018

  • Venue is in Salisbury North at my home studio. Once payment goes through & I receive notification I will contact you. Please make sure that you put your email down on the payment form or email me regardless so I can send you all the necessary information for the course. I look forward to being a part of your spiritual journey soon.

  • You are signing up for a 6 week course. You are required to either pay the full amount prior to course beginning or on the first night. I f you have taken the option for a deposit and weekly paymnets please note, you are required to pay the fee regardless of attendance or not. Cancellations will require full payment of course fee's. No exceptions.