I'm proud announce my first full book which actually is a "LIFE CHANGING" Workbook.


‘Manifest The Shit Out of Your Life’ Workbook will take you on a step-by-step journey to changing your life for the better. It has all the tools to assist you in making some positive changes for you and your future. No one can do the journey for you but YOU.


You are the one who has to do the work, and what a wonderful project to be working on – YOU!


* It's for YOU if you want to identify "where your life isn't working" & how to change that!


* It's for you if you need to change your MONEY MINDSET to manifest abundance into your life.


* It's for you if you need some self-love.


* It's for you if you want to free yourself from the past and create the life YOU have always wanted.


It has 77 pages of information with a workbook for YOU to complete. The processes in here are a form of 'The Law of Attraction' which I have utilised time and time again...and it WORKS!!


It comes as a PDF which you can download immediately. Print it all off and store in a folder or just print off the worksheets for you to complete. This is a workbook that you can use yearly to reassess the prior year and see what you have accomplished to re-evalue and make new goals for the next year to come.


It is written in a language that is easy to understand, and hopefully is a joy to read and do. It may contain a few profanities here and there because thats ME! I am proud to be me! And, I don't pull any punches and say it like it is.


Begin your journey today to the 'BEST YOU' possible.


Namaste. Jenni xx

Manifest The Shit Out Of Your Life Workbook

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