​Hey beautiful souls,


I'm Jenni and I'm a happy 56 years on this planet. As a small child I have always seen spirits, though I was less than keen to have anything to do with them as they scared the begeebers out of me plus I was the only one who could see them in my household. Now seeing my wonderful Spirit Friends as well as my clients lovely 'invisible assistants/guides/spirits/family members', nothing phases me. They are just intriguing souls who I love chatting with.

From my late teens I always had an interest in the Tarot and did readings for my friends and family and I was glad that I didn't see spirits anymore, yet I still felt them when they were near. I discovered Ouiji Boards, more Tarot Decks that you could poke a stick at and if there was a wrong way of doing anything to do with getting in touch with Spirit, well I did it. Hence, I'm a master of teaching the "right way" of any Spirit communication techniques now.

I love to laugh, dance, sing really bad karaoke and love love love what I do! I know I've been put on this earth plane to assist others in moving forward in their lives. I'm here to assist others in developing their psychic ability talents in the most loving way possible. I'm here as a healer to assist those who need a variety of assistance for healing.....even if it's only an ear to listen. I'm here for a reason, as you are too, so if I can assist you in finding that direction....then what a beautiful connection we will make.

My passion is to assist and guide others to look into their heart chakra space to connect with their own love for themselves. I want to be of service to the universe to assist others in leading them to their own happiness. I am here for you who is reading this. I want to assist you & guide you into your own personal alignment with the universe and your journey. Let me assist you to manifest all that your heart desires starting with you. It always starts with you.​ So please look through my website, read the blogs as they come, check out my courses as they arrive.

I hope that I can give to you some of what Spirit has given to me.


Blessing to all.






Phone: 0457 813 605

Adelaide, Australia