Manifest  the  Shit 

out  of

Your  Life Workbook



‘Manifest The Shit Out of Your Life’ Workbook will take you on a step-by-step journey to changing your life for the better. It has all the tools to assist you in making some positive changes for you and your future. No one can do the journey for you but YOU. You are the one who has to do the work, and what a wonderful project to be working on – YOU!


- Have you ever sat back & asked:


- Who am I really?


- What makes me happy?


- Am I continuing to put off showing up in my own life?


- How do I get ahead in life?


I want better in my life but don't know how to do it or where to start?


How uncomfortable does your life have to be before you switch on your inner light? How sick and tired of your life are you? How big does the bullshit you tell yourself have to be to keep your life ‘flat lining’?

You can’t get any lower than rock bottom! Nothing changes until ‘YOU’ do!


Do you fear the unknown? I'm hearing a huge 'yessss' right now! I'm happy to inform you that those fears stop right here and now. Do you know....the world is your Ebay? Or another term my Spirit Guides always say is 'the world is your oyster'. Whatever you want, if you want it enough, it can be yours.


Do you fear change? If yes, sorry,. not sorry, we're going for honesty here and the buck stops with you. No one can do it for you and whinging never changed anything. Feel the fear and do it anyway. What's the worst that can happen? Having a better tomorrow!


* Switch up your Mindset

* Awaken Your Inner Magic

* Create the Life YOU Choose

* Eliminate the shit that doesn't serve you

* Do What Makes YOU Happy

* Empower Yourself. Find YOU

* Change You Money Mindset

* Manifest The Shit Out of YOUR Life


Your future is where your eyes hit on the horizon. What do you want to see in front of you? I'm hoping not more of what you don't want in your life. Begin your journey back to you. Love yourself first babes!



You take care of your soul when you invest in yourself. It allows your inner light to shine and that is where the magic happens! When you look after you, then everyone else in your life benefits. You can't give from an empty vessel, make sure yours is filled.

Oh FFS - I call BULLSHIT... It's called making time.

You'll have plenty of time when you are dead after a lifetime of

unfulfillment and disappointment! Don't live life with regrets.


Come on... I believe in you. YOU GOT THIS!!


Make the time, YOU are worth it!


You don't have to do this all at once.


30 minutes a day is enough to begin some change.



How do you get this time - get up 30 minutes earlier. Stop watching TV or being on social media for 30 minutes. But I'm tired - so do it anyway, you'll still be tired and maybe, just maybe after you work on yourself you won't be tired any more as you've made some fantastic changes to your life.

Let's light that fire cracker up your bum and blast you out of your comfort zone. Come on the 'PEACE TRAIN' & ‘SUPERSIZE YOUR LIFE’.


Look to the future, plan for the future and don’t forget about the marvellous journey you are embarking on. Life is meant to be exciting. This life is meant to be YOURS.


Includes 'The Magical Mythical Manifestation Ritual'  - a workbook in itself.


Jenni xoxo



but i don't have the time ! !

'Manifest The Shit Out Of Your Life' Workbook