The saying goes ‘the Teacher always appears when the student is ready’. Having a Spiritual Mentor like Jenni, who has the experience and has been there before, is exactly what the new student needs to hear get them to shift up their energy and move them forwards spiritually in their best life journey.


Maybe you have already felt a shift and feel that Spirit has been trying to connect to you. Maybe you just ‘know’ that there is more ‘out there’ and you are ready to work in light and love. Know that being on this page by is no chance, you have been directed here as Spirit is calling you to deepen your life's journey.


Being confident with a mentor is the first step towards. I want to support you in your sacred journey. It is my mission in life to help all you beautiful souls to grow and unfold your spiritual and intuitive business talents in the most loving environment possible.


~ Do you dream of developing your intuitive gifts but don't know where to start?


~ Do you have a deep desire of working with SPIRIT, loving what you do, AND making an income?


~ Do you want  your message and voice be heard?

~ Are you feeling mentally stuck, AND struggling financially in your intuitive business right now?


~ Have you been wanting to be FULLY supported by the Universe doing what sets

Y O U R    S O U L    O N    F I R E and maybe assist others in their lives!?


~ Does the idea of making money while doing what you LOVE make you excited AF?


~ Are you ready to shift up, move up, open up, develop your passion, get your work

out there, manifest your best life and the biz of your dreams?!

I have taught both the beginner and advanced students needing a safe space to explore and hone their skills. Expect to feel as if you have come home when you begin your journey with me whether it is in person or virtual  - I will hold your hand and walk with you every step of the way.

I remember what it feels like to be going through the motions of life, not understanding my intuitive gifts, not doing the work that set my soul on fire, not following my heart, not thinking that 'SPIRITUAL' work would bring me a decent income. I didn't trust myself, I didn't trust the Universe!

I know what it's like to feel financially stuck, overwhelmed with life, knowing I was meant for more and thinking I'd have to wait until retirement to finally do what I loved. I mean, I made a decent income with my 'day job', I was in business for myself and it paid the bills, but it didn't ignite any passion in my heart. It wasn't what I felt called to do. I was in a lack mentality, once again, I didn't trust Spirit to provide for me.


You probably have that feeling too, knowing deep down, knowing that there is something more out there, and, that you are meant for something greater. This is your SOUL PURPOSE trying to burst out of your heart space and into the here and now! Take a moment to listen. You are here for a reason!

I began my online entrepreneurial business a few years ago, that was after many years of running a traditional business. My background is in business, I've been in my own business in some kind since I was 25. I have had multiple hairdressing salons, a make-up school and agency, freelance photography business and a bridal beauty service. This had stemmed from my then childhood passion as I didn't know Spirit had bigger and better idea's for me. Little did I know that a catalyst in 2001 would set me on a huge wonderous journey and bring me to here helping others develop intuitively and professionally.

I absolutely LOVE what I do. I get warm and fuzzy feelings from making an IMPACT in the lives of others, and I want to help as many people as I can to develop their abilities, to live a a fuller better life, to live their passion and build the intuitive business of their dreams. 












LightWorkers Soul Success Academy has 3 parts to it;


ONE... Lightworkers Academy has multiple courses that have run face-to-face successfully for many years and are now currently being updated to becoming online components especially since COVID19 has proven a huge need for this change. At this time especially, there is a call for more Lightworkers to help heal others and the Universe. These courses will be online soon with flexible starting times.

Two... It is a Mindset and Intuitive Business transformative program to help you develop, grow and take your business to how you wish it to be. To start from the basics, decide what you want, learn what you need to do to be successful, uplevel your business skills, develop and send out your message, market yourself and your business, align and attract clients who resonate with your you and your work, create offers you believe in, and massively change how you 'think' in business. You will grow confidence in yourself and become intuitively success orientated. This is being done as a once only face-to-face coaching program in October 2020 which will move completely online afterwards as a course with multiple modules and with flexible starting times.

Three... It is a variety of Spiritual Life Coaching Programs that will help YOU move forwards in your life. It will assist you in moving past the blockages that hold you back, addresses the stuck patterns that aren't serving you any longer so you can release them and flow forwards with ease. It will help release the negative thought forms that stop you from realising your full potential. These program will get your mind thinking of what you DO WANT and then give you the tools to do it. It will build your self esteem and self worth. You will learn to love and respect YOU. These courses will be completely online and with flexible starting times.

It was no coincidence you landed here


So, what exactly is




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