Usui and Sekhem Reiki 1 - Run over a full weekend


Saturday 10th October & 11th of October 2020

Bookings essential. See below for full description of course.

#Prerequisite for Spiritual Healing Courses


Become a certified Usui & Sekhem Reiki practitioner today.

Reiki is a non-intrusive ancient Japanese healing practice that uses "Universal Life Energy”. Sekhem Reiki is also a form of Universal Energy System that originated from Ancient Egypt & is a more feminine power. It is similar to Usui Reiki but operates on a higher vibration and heals on a deeper level They are both a gentle non-invasive method of hands on-healing

Anyone can learn & be attuned to Reiki. All you need is the desire to help others.

This is a two-day 12-hour class, taught from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. each day with a one-hour break for lunch.

PREREQUISITE: There are no pre-requisites, only the desire to help others & work in love & light.

Why should you learn Reiki

* Level 1 is all about self-healing & self care. Reiki begins your self-love journey.

* Reiki boosts, balances and rejuvenates your immune system.

* Reiki expands all of your energy centres & heightening your intuition and awareness.

* Reiki assists in your self-empowerment, elevating your consciousness, creating clarity & confidence.

* Reiki is a brilliant stress reliever & great for relaxation.

* Can't sleep??? Use Reiki.

* Reiki helps you feel more grounded & assists in maintaining your health and well being.

* Reiki opens up your psychic centres.

* Your energy work & complimentary therapies are enhanced.

* Reiki is safe for children, your pets & plants.

* Plus many more benefits that you will find out in the course.

What you will learn:

- What is Reiki Healing

- Qualities of a good healer

- History of Reiki Healing

- How to centre & ground yourself

- Disease of the chakras

- Anatomy versus Chakras

- The Workings of Energy & How to Sense It

- Auras & working with them by ‘feel’(not sight)

- Scanning the body

- Diagnosing by ‘feeling’ the energies

- The Workings of Healing & Understanding Illness and Disease

- Protecting your energy

- Transmitting energy

- Consulting your client

- Taking a medical history

- Healing yourself

- Money & Healing

- Using a Pendulum (Dowsing) to diagnose chakras

- Linking with Spirit as a Channel for healing

- Two Reiki 1initiaions in Usui & Sekhem

- Complete Manual to take home

Jenni is your facilitator/Reiki Master for this course. She has over 30 years experience in the wellness/psychic industry and nearly 18 years practicing Reiki & Spiritual Healing. Jenni's courses teach more than the basics as she shares valuable insights of her years as a healer.

Classes are kept to a minimum for maximum learning and practice.

To book your place please contact Jenni either by PM, Text or Call: 0457813605


Bookings essential.

I’m so excited and looking forward meeting you all.

Full Cost of $150 for the 2 day course

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To book your place & check for dates please contact:


Jenni either by Facebook PM, Text or Call: 0457813605

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The class size is kept small for individual attention.



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