“ONLINE COURSE  ONLY – Soul Success Circle”

If our chakras get sick so too does our physical body. Due to our busy lifestyles we ‘suck up, swallow and bury’ our hurts, pains and disappointments. We forget our true essence, our inner-self.

Release and heal the different chakras, one chakra a week,  releasing the layers that you have stored within them,  to connect deep within yourself.

Throughout our lives, our energetic bodies store a variety of emotions and traumas in our seven energetic centres called chakras. If our chakras are in fact underactive, blocked or overactive it can affect our physical health

Goddesses and Gods, isn’t it about time you gave yourself the time and space to reconnect with yourself?

Unfortunately we don’t understand that if our chakras are in fact underactive, blocked or overactive it can affect our physical health as well as give us confusion, depression, negative thoughts and feelings, suppression of emotions, feelings of insecurity, low energy and doubts.


Lovely ladies and men, if you are seeking a course that will teaches you about the chakras, take you through the processes to release and heal the stored crap of your life in them, activate them safely one by one, and in the process  restore your body, mind and spirit, then you’ve found it!

We will awaken each chakra, from the root upwards, a chakra a week, by using meditation techniques which guide you through techniques to open, release, restore and renew each chakra. By the 7th week you will find yourself completely clear, peaceful and positive plus you’ll have the necessary tools to continue working on yourself in your own private time.


No matter what your experience, this course if perfect for those wanting to work on themselves deeper, release patterns that are holding you back from a happier life. Clearing the chakra system can assist you to go deeper spiritually and transform your view on life and see it flow more harmoniously.


What's included in the Online Course:


BEGINS   TUESDAY   NOVEMBER  6th   7pm  (Australian Adelaide Time)

EACH WEEK, from Week 1 to Week 7 we will focus on one chakra at a time, from the base (root chakra) up to the crown chakra. Clearing takes time and commitment to yourself.

Some of the Online Course content that you will learn are:



- Anatomy of Chakras


- Emotions that can be withheld within the chakra


-Time frames of life within the chakras


- Advanced Breathing Techniques


- How to read if your chakra is out of balance


- Pendulum Work


- Deep Guided Meditations to discover, release and heal

- Sound balancing

- Chanting Techniques

- Mind Body Connection /Neuroplasticity

#Private Group for Online Course  content done weekly!








$50 (normally $150)




- Payment  by direct debit via Credit Card & PayPal

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I looking forward to sharing my knowledge and join with 8 amazing goddesses.





Yours in light and love,





Jenni Greenfield