The saying goes ‘the Teacher always appears when the student is ready’. Having a Spiritual Mentor like Jenni, who has the experience and has been there before, is exactly what the new student needs to get them to shift up their energy and move them forwards spiritually in their journey.


Maybe you have already felt a shift and feel that Spirit has been trying to connect to you. Maybe you just ‘know’ that there is more ‘out there’ and you are ready to work in light and love. Know that being on this page is no chance, you have been directed here as Spirit is calling you to deepen your journey.


Being confident with a mentor is the first step .I want to support you in your sacred journey. It is my mission in life to help all you beautiful souls to grow and unfold your spiritual talents, whatever they may be, in the most loving environment possible.


I have taught both the beginner and advanced students needing a safe space to explore and hone their skills. Expect to feel as if you have come home when you begin your journey with me whether it is in person or virtual  -I will hold your hand and walk with you every step of the way.

Psychic Development  - Level 1


6 Week Face-To-Face Course


Grow your psychic abilities by working with others to increase your vibrations & be taught in a safe environment where everyone is equal & are all working towards similar goals. Know that the classes are aimed at individual ‘talents’ as well as group dynamic’s. Classes are catered to the classes needs.


* Enhance your predominant psychic gift and grow the ones waiting to blossom.

* Learn psychic boundaries and how to work safely with spirit.

* Learn the right for you to give psychic message. Wow yourself and others.

* Learn to not give a fudgicle about “what people will think” and not hide your gifts.



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