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Hey! I'm Jenni, and I am a natural born Psychic Channel and Spiritual Healer.


I’m also Creative, Reiki Master, Spiritual Mindset Coach and Entrepreneur. My purpose here is to inspire, give ideas to help you grow your psychic and healing abilities, give you tips on how to change your mindset on positivity, psychic work, live a life of purpose and tell you some wonderful stories along the way.


I help Spiritual Women like you, to develop your intuition, step into your power and manifest the life and business of your dreams.


From a young child I had always been able to see Spirit yet it took years to work out how to properly communicate with them.


My talents I found out are being clairaudient, clairsentient, an Empath & a Medium and I clearly hear, see and feel my guides. I also can communicate with those passed over if is needed in a reading.


There are various courses that I teach physically throughout the  year. Please check out my ‘Courses’ page.  My Online courses are coming very soon to help grow your psychic, healing and personal growth even further.

Please go to my contact page and either email me ore text me to find out more.




Jenni xx